Chorus of the Neverborn 425
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  1. anonymous coward

    I have a detail question, which is mostly irrelevant to this nice art:
    Do they believe in the miasma-theory of infection, and if so is it true in the setting?

  2. Schattensturm

    Maybe yes, maybe not. Anyway the plague doctor mask is cool.

  3. It’s possible the doctor has some scars that she wants to stylishly disguise as well?

  4. That Guy

    I believe Yanny and Schattensturm, this is Exalted, rule of cool litterally powers the universe.

    Afaik in setting it’s left purposely vague (which is all but a unicorn for 2e) cause there are plague gods, but most of the writing on the creation of the great contagion makes the Deathlords look like virologist. Dowager pulled it from the well, and then her, Eye and Seven, and I think one other, refined it and made it 100% fatal*

    *Subject to Wyld Mutations

  5. anonymous coward

    Thanks for the answers, and I did notice that Creation runs on the rule of cool even in the places without fairies actively forcing the issue.
    I ask because the misasma theory is pretty simple and may work nicely in other fictional settings. I wanted to know if there was any canon or fanon material to dig into about it, but if it’s left up to storyteller interpretation I guess that would only be in individual published adventures or house rules if at all then?

  6. That Guy

    well diseases are “well” stated out but it’s all in abstract systems. like it has a treatment statistic which is how many success you need on an Intelligence + Medicine roll, but how you approach that roll is entirely up to you. You could be a modern physician despite anachronism because you are a solar, or a medieval physician with herbs and tinctures, or an eastern physician that does it through acupuncture.

    There is also a morbidity statistic that says how lethal it is and another stat for infection, but beyond standard logic no real rules on how they work. Like you save vs exposure, and sweat it out is how it mechanically works, but why is up to you.

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  1. Ninetailed Fox

    Liberties? Pffft…. That’s what makes Exalted so much fun 😀

  2. anonymous coward

    Well dang, it appears that creepy blood drinking weirdness was actually functional. I wonder what Contessa wants to do with the Inspector’s face besides try to escape.

  3. blowthemandown

    I hope Contessa doesn’t expect to fool the Silver Prince with that charm.

    Or maybe I do!

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