Chorus of the Neverborn 369

Chorus of the Neverborn 369

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  1. Raevyn Fletcher says:

    Ohhh hahaha….. they are so dead.

  2. Pygmy D. H. says:

    This was the thing I hated the most about being really into the lore of Exalted. It meant that if my character happened to run across a Death Lord (which my DMs were always sadistic enough to ensure happened) I had to play like I had no idea what the situation was, even if I’m secretly totally freaking out that I’m already dead o_o

  3. Keiran says:

    This is why essence sight is so helpful.

    “Gee, what level is this guy before I pick a fi–”

    [Essence 8]

    “Never mind kthx bye”