Chorus of the Neverborn 375

Chorus of the Neverborn 375

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  1. Growls says:

    …….. I’ve been waiting for this. And I’m pretty torn up about it.

  2. Tezcat says:

    Pretty torn up ? My friend, I’ll let you know this is the perfect end. Lance dies here, the Contessa sees all her dreams destroyed and becomes the unwilling concubine of the Silver Prince…
    They deserve it.

  3. Tezcat says:

    And yes, I can love the comics and hate some characters, especially if they’re despicable. Lance has a few redeeming qualities but he did push an innocent kid from a roof. And probably worse. I’m on team Bodhisvatta here.

  4. Keiran says:

    ;;A;; Lance, Contessa, nooooo…

  5. That Guy says:

    I can never support the Silver Stalker. Have you ever read what his plan on Skullstone is? He may well be the worst of the Deathlords by a wide margin. Then let’s not forget the whole he might be Desus thing, you know, hero-of-every-story-I’m-in-even-the-ones-where-I-beat-my-wife-Desus. This is the guy that same day as the rest of creation pushes back the reclamation and Her Redness is dead, rolls out a fleet of first age soulsteel artifact war ships. Soulsteel he got from his thousands of peasants who thought they were ascending to peerage before getting hammered into a boat hull.

    I mean yeah Lance killed some innocent kid, but he was mortal, lance saved him from some worse fate like becoming dreameaten, or a slave, or a dinosaur heroin piss addict or any of the other myriad of ways your life can go to hell in Nexus. Meanwhile Lance is an abyssal, you can’t go a day without something bad happening in your presence. Kind of happens when you are a chosen of death.

  6. Raevyn Fletcher says:

    Death looked better.

  7. blowthemandown says:

    I figure a 50/50 on Solar redemption before scene’s end.

  8. hariman says:

    I’m with BlowTheManDown and That Guy on this one. Team Solar Redemption it is for me! For at least one of them… Prefereably… well, I’d rather not guess, in case I’m right. 😉