Chorus of the Neverborn 460
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  1. Hariman

    Congrats again on completing the comic!

  2. giodan

    TY!!!! TY so much for this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you guy made Handbook of Heroes??? i will continue to follow you guys!!!!!

  3. Raevyn

    Oh gods this end, im crying. The end of the Abyssal game was one of such sadness for me (not just the content but the finality of it). Our latest campaign has been such an amazing experience.

    Plus at some point i guess you guys might want me to continue the WoD campaign with them….

  4. @Hariman – Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    @giodan – Thank you for reading it! And yes, I draw Handbook of Heroes as well, though in a very different style, obviously! I keep pestering my writer for Handbook to do more Exalted jokes. 😀

    @Raevyn – I’d almost want a re-start on the WoD campaign, mostly because I’ve forgotten where we left off T_T But these characters mean a lot to our group and I hope Kyle and I did them justice!

  5. anonymous coward

    This may be the best fourth-wall break I’ve ever seen, it certainly is built right into the setting fluff. Congratulations, and good luck in your other work. 🙂

  6. @anonymous coward Thank you! I’ve always liked that the books kind of give suggestions for GMs but don’t necessarily point towards any one ‘right solution’ for storyline points, and I liked doing something similar here to echo that.

  7. Ramsus

    If I haven’t said it before, this was a lovely comic. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed it, in fact probably more than I actually enjoyed *playing* Exalted, haha.

    If you do get Colin to do more Exalted references, I hope you convince him to do something with Death of Obsidian Butterflies. For some reason that particular bit has always been what I think first about when I think of Exalted. Something about the name and the imagery of it always appealed to me as both awesome and goofy at the same time.

  8. Schattenturm

    Congratulations again. So that people over there are the abyssals in their solar version? Lance looks even more goth than when he was a abyssal. If the people below are the players that means that the girl in the right is a certain artist with lots of talent? 🙂

    Also glad to see normal-male wizard 😉

  9. @Ramsus Thank you! I will see what I can do about getting Death of Obsidian Butterflies reference in Handbook, it’s one of the best in my book, as well!

    @Shattenturm Thank you! 😀 The girl on the right is indeed me, along with the rest of our party and Kyle as our GM. Lance is the guy in the back, though, the man to the Contessa’s left is Silken Master, who was a Solar in the first game and therefore gets switched to be an Abyssal for the swap.

  10. Schattensturm

    @Laurel Thanks The game must have been really good to make this comic and dedicate to it so many years. I really enjoyed this comic, good luck on your work and see you in The Handbook 🙂

  11. DiploRaptor

    Wanders in 4 months after it ended.
    Reads 450+ pages of comic looks sad that it is not gonna continue happy you will be doing more and sadly.
    Doubly so because this reminds me of other Exalted webcomics that are ended

  12. @DiploRaptor I do promise that there are more cool stories coming from us! Hopefully they will at least have a little of that flair that makes Exalted so fascinating.

  13. DiploRaptor

    I expect so that was certainly a trip I am excited for what is next.

  14. Bohandas

    I just read the whole comic over the course of this weekend. I enjoyed it.

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